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So here my webpage :)

After years of trying I decide it was time to have a webpage. A place to talk and share my ideas, a bit of my life, not only the singing, the Opera; an insider of things that are going on around me. My likes, my dislikes, my adventures in the world of art, mi frustrations in the world of dieting, My love of teaching and of course my motorcycle riding passion. A place where to be in touch with the people I love (family and friends) and why not perhaps a place where I can make new friends as well. (no more family please?) I hope you find this entertaining and useful, please if you have any co[...]


main-171-150x150Performing is my passion and I love to teach others who share it. From the beginner to the young professional, I can offer private lessons at my studio located in Philadelphia. For those looking to start or continue an academic career, I am also an Associate Professor and the Co-Director of the Opera Institute at Mason Gross School of the Arts, part of Rutgers University in New Jersey. For master classes or adjudication information, please contact me.

Address Rutgers University
Rehearsal Hall Room 214
85 George Street
New Brunswick NJ 08901
Telephone 646.226.4440

Learn more about me from my Rutgers University faculty biography.

Barrett Vantage Artists manages my opera and concert engagements.

Vam Nation Entertainment manages my film and commercial engagements.